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National Programme for Unscheduled Care



On behalf of the National Programme for Urgent and Emergency Care (NPUEC) the National Collaborative Commissioning Unit (NCCU) are commissioning Type 1 Emergency Departments in Wales through the "What does good look like for the Emergency Department in Wales Work Programme"

News and Media

Here you will find all of our latest news stories, developments and events from the Unscheduled Care Programme. 

ED Experimental Measures

Visits to Emergency Departments are currently measured using the 4 and 12 hour target. This does not convey the individual patient experience. It’s time to change the conversation, as we look at the bigger picture.

Welsh Access Model

Between December 2019 and January 2020 the Emergency Department Quality and Delivery Framework (EDQDF) programme had hosted a series of workshops attended by clinicians and other staff related to the delivery of emergency care. The purpose of these events was to explore two of the Pathway Improvement Projects namely: 2C Handover and 2D POETH/ Triage.

ED Quality and Delivery Framework

The Emergency Department Quality & Delivery Framework aims to bring together clinical and managerial teams from across NHS Wales’ Emergency Departments, to build 'what good looks like for emergency care' from the ground up and what local teams require to help deliver that shared vision, for the people of Wales.

Meet the team

Meet the team behind the National Programme for Unscheduled Care. Consisting of a variety of specialities to help the programme achieve its goals.