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EDQDF Programme brings Emergency Departments together for a National Life Saving Campaign


During the first lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 Emergency Departments across Wales started to see a sharp decline in admissions as the message of ‘Protecting the NHS’ was adhered too. Unfortunately it also started to see an increase of sick patients displaying signs of things such as heart attacks and strokes not going their Emergency Departments.

To combat this very serious issue we worked with Health boards and Welsh Government collaboratively to facilitate a rapid bilingual national behaviour change campaign. Sending a unified message to inform the public that emergency departments across Wales are still here for them should they require emergency care during life threatening circumstances.


Key Message

As part of this campaign we developed a set of clear key messages

If you have an emergency such as:

· Breathing difficulties

· Severe pain or bleeding

· Chest pain or a suspected stroke..

..attend your emergency department for treatment or call 999 for assistance if the situation is life threatening.

We developed this key message alongside the National Clinical Insights Group made up of clinical representative across Wales as well as working with our own Communications Specialist.

To share this message we developed a graphic and social media copy which formed a toolkit for health boards and other stakeholders to get involved in the campaign using the hashtag #StillHereForYou:

Still Here For You Campaign Image

As part of the campaign a variety of emergency department clinicians recorded their own messages and got involved over social media, letting their communities know that they were still here for them.


Any Questions

For any queries on this campaign please contact