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Making Days Count

This National Review was commissioned to achieve greater understanding of the issues relating to secure mental health hospital care. This National Review was initially to be published in April 2021 but has been delayed due to the disruption in the ability of the audit team to undertake on-site reviews caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, omitted from this National Review, also due to the disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, are on-site interviews of patient’s families, planned to be undertaken to better understand their experience.

Data: The information within this National Review relates to circumstances and records available on the day of the audit. All audits were completed between August 2020 and November 2020, although follow-up questions and clarifications continued into June 2021. There were 312 patients under the scope of this National Review, although information for only 280 could be audited due to Covid 19 Pandemic disruption. Information for 5 children and young people has been excluded from Parts B-D of this National Review due to service model consistency and included in Part E.

All data is written percentage first then the number in parenthesis, for example 99% (123), if both are available. Numbers in discrete boxes are rounded to nearest ‘in 10’/’in 5’ number such as ‘1 in 10’. Numbers have been rounded to one decimal point. Note that small numbers can exaggerate percentiles.

Patient Safety: Any issues that immediately impacted on patient safety were raised with hospital staff on the day of audit.

People not Numbers: Whilst this National Review has many graphs and statistics, we note that behind every number is a person who deserves individual, high quality and safe care.