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Quality Assurance Improvement Service

The Quality Assurance Improvement Service (QAIS) is a division of the National Collaborative Commissioning Unit that focuses on improving care, quality and value.

The objectives of the division are to:

  • Ensure safe, effective and high quality care is delivered that improves patient experience;
  • Robustly challenge substandard provider performance;
  • Provide oversight, advice and support to improve the quality of care;
  • Facilitate collaborative working between providers and commissioners with the patient as the focus of care delivery; and
  • Ensure all procured services deliver value for money for the public purse.

Beyond The Call: National review of access to emergency services for those experiencing mental health and or welfare concerns

This National Review, Beyond The Call was commissioned to achieve greater understanding of the issues leading the public to access emergency services when experiencing mental health and/or welfare concerns. Covering the method and instances of conveyance by emergency or dedicated transport services for person experiencing mental health issues post assessment.

UPDATE: 23/02/2021: Following a question from Vikki Howells MS (Cynon Valley), "What is the Welsh Government doing to improve access to emergency mental health care?" First Minister Mark Drakeford MS, advised that, the Minister for Mental Health, Eluned Morgan, published 'Beyond the Call', the Welsh Government review of urgent access to mental health services. Cabinet agreement has since been secured to implementation of the report’s recommendations across the range of ministerial responsibilities.

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