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FAQ Supporting Documents

 FAQ 3 - NMHSS Surge Beds Process (Word, 735Kb)
 FAQ 5 - Legal Powers (Word, 19Kb)
 FAQ 6 - BCUHB MHLD Guidelines for the Clinical Management of C19 (Word, 39Kb)
 FAQ 6 - Inpatient Pathway (Word, 474Kb)
 FAQ 6 - Shielding flow chart (Word, 50Kb)
 FAQ 11 - Opioid Substitution Treatment (Word, 0bytes)
 FAQ 22 - Adult Situation Report (Word, 36Kb)
 FAQ 25 - Introducing a COVID19 Isolation Ward in an Acute Mental Health Service (Word, 25Kb)
 FAQ 23 - CAMHS Surge bed process (PDF, 292Kb)
 FAQ 22 - CAMHS Situation Report (Word, 30Kb)
 FAQ 30 - Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS) and the use of do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation (DNACPR) (PDF, 125Kb)
 FAQ 25 - SOP for Isolation Ward for Suspected or Confirmed Cases of Covid19 (Word, 64Kb)
 FAQ 30 - WG DNACRP (Word, 184Kb)
 FAQ 30 - WG DNACRP Easy Read (Word, 2.9Mb)
 FAQ 32 - Bereavement services boost (Word, 20Kb)
 FAQ 6 - Adult Acute flow chart (Word, 58Kb)