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Experimental Emergency Department Measures

A visit to an Emergency Departments in Wales is currently measured using the 4 and 12 hour target, however, it is felt that this does not convey the individual patient experience. It’s now time to change the conversation, as we look at the bigger picture.

Twelve experimental emergency department measures are currently being developed in collaboration with Local Health Boards and Digital Health and Care Wales. Three have been fully developed and are being used across all Local Health boards in Wales to to help us understand the bigger picture to ensure patients receive the right care, in the right place in a timely manner thus improving the overall patient experience. The three initial experimental measures are:

  • Time to triage 
    • Time of arrival to being triaged, this is where the patients priority for treatment is determined using a triage score
  • Time to clinician
    • Time of arrival to seeing a clinician for treatment. This could be a doctor, Nurse or other Health Care Professional
  • Outcome of attendance
    • This element focus on the outcome of the patients visit, such as no follow-up, admission or treatment at another location.

By utilising these measures Local Health Boards can focus resources accordingly and as a result improve the patient experience. The data we receive allows us to paint a monthly national picture, the latest data shown in the PowerBi presentation is for May 2023. The individual pages, Time to Triage, Time to Clinical and ED Discharge Destination contain data back to February 2022.

The next scheduled refresh is Thursday 20 July 2023 at 09:30am

Interactive Dashboard


Further Information

For press and media enquiries please contact the Welsh Government Press Office.

The measures we developed with frontline staff as part of the Emergency Department Quality & Delivery Framework are published alongside the NHS Activity and Performance National Statistics produced by the Welsh Government.

Note: Experimental statistics are a subset of newly developed or innovative official statistics undergoing evaluation. They are developed under the guidance of the Head of Profession for Statistics (HoP) and published to involve users and stakeholders in the assessment of their suitability and quality at an early stage. Office for Statistics Regulation: Regulatory Guidance

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