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Triage Score Vs Triage Category


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As part of the Emergency Department Quality & Delivery Framework (EDQDF) Programme we have been working with health boards to implement a new range of Emergency Department Measures. During this piece of work an opportunity has been highlighted to improve both local and national data quality when inputting patient triage information.

Currently across Wales health boards use a mixture of ‘Triage Score’ & ‘Triage Category including See & Treat’. This inconsistency provides a variety of challenges for data analysis and we would like to work with you during this workshop to find a unified approach for Wales.

To ensure a balanced input into the workshop we are reaching for the following individuals across health boards in Wales to attend and give their professional input:

  • Clinical Leads
  • Nurse Leads
  • Triage Nurses
  • Informatics Teams
  • Operational Leads

Workshop Overview:

Your voice matters, and during the workshop we would like to hear from local health board teams on how their local data input process looks. To help you with this we will provide each health board a presentation template to complete. We ask that health boards submit these in advance of the workshop and designate a presenter to take workshop attendees through the local process. After health board presentations attendees will have the opportunity to contribute to the national approach by voting for their preferred option (Triage Score or Triage Category or Triage Score and See & Treat).