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Development Phase

This was aimed at developing an understanding of the ‘current state’ and in parallel, gathering ideas, information and intelligence to identify ‘what good looks like’. In simple terms, this phase was a process of widespread engagement and information gathering to answer the questions, where are we now and what does good look like for Emergency Departments across Wales.

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Implementation Phase

The programme has entered the implementation phase: phase two, aimed at working with individual Emergency Departments to implement the Quality and Delivery Framework. In simple terms, the implementation phase is about putting the National Quality and Delivery Framework into practice in an existing Emergency Department.

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Go Live Phase

The Go Live Phase: Phase three of the project is when the EDQDF effectively ‘Goes-Live’ within an Emergency Department and sharing insight and experience for wider adoption in NHS Wales. In simple terms, Phase Three is embedding the Framework within an Emergency Department as the normal way they do business and providing opportunities to share knowledge and experience to inform the wider adoption throughout NHS Wales.

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Current Position

On behalf of Welsh Emergency Departments and the Welsh Government, we are aiming to realise benefits for patients, staff and the broader public in going far beyond the current debates regarding 4 and 12 hour waits.

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