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Go Live Phase

The Go Live Phase: Phase three of the project is when the EDQDF effectively ‘Goes-Live’ within an Emergency Department (ED) and sharing insight and experience for wider adoption in NHS Wales. In simple terms, Phase Three is embedding the Framework within an ED as the normal way they do business and providing opportunities to share knowledge and experience to inform the wider adoption throughout NHS Wales.

The formal handover agreement is developed as part of the implementation project in Phase 2 and lays out responsibilities for the participants including expectations placed on those delivering the service, the host or employing organisation and any central support from other agencies including Welsh Government

In essence, at the end of Phase Three, the Central Programme Team withdraws and the local services continue to manage both the Framework and their performance under the Framework. For the local team there is no real end to Phase Three. However, as progress is made at a national scale, opportunities may be identified to facilitate a network of departments and key leads and manage the ongoing development of the National Quality and Delivery Framework, to maintain its core content and ensure that the Framework aligns with new and emerging national priorities.